Welcome to MOPS at First Evangelical Free Church

At MOPS, we believe in great moms. Moms like you. Being a great mom takes more than a little bit of finesse and the ability to make award-winning PB and J, no crusts.  It even takes more than an endless supply of just-because-hugs and the ability to build any Lego set in 24 minutes or less. Because being a great mom takes Jesus.  Him and a whole lot of prayer, laughter and a loving community of supportive moms who know what it's like to wrangle a two-year-old into the car seat on a frantic morning. The goal of MOPS at First Evangelical Free church is to come beside the moms in our community in order to share in the joys and trials of motherhood.  Through regular meetings, small group events and the prayerful support of a dedicated steering team, we pray that we can equip the moms in our city to be the best moms they can be.

 Because at MOPS, we believe that better moms make for a better world.